" Work Management Bootcamp"

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Are you tasked with task and work management in Whether you are building out a new instance, revamping an existing one, or just curious about growing your skills, this bootcamp will equip you with work management system that works for you.

You'll get hands-on activities so you can apply what you learn in a group environment to understand the why, what, when, and how to manage a successful deployment. From the foundations of defining your approach to a fully cohesive strategy and approach, you will learn it all in this 4-week course.

You are a good fit for this course if you’re willing to join 4 weeks of weekly webinars and have 5 hours per week to spare for hands-on activities. You’re also a fit for this bootcamp if you have a paid subscription to While the Scale and Grow tier will be beneficial, they are are not required. You should also consider completing the Fundamentals in prior. 

About this course:

  • Who: Instructor Amber Kemmis
  • What: 4 weeks (2 1-hour sessions per week)
  • Where: Online
  • When: First live cohort August 2023
  • Why: You're excited to grow your skills and build a work management system for your agency.
  • How: Pay only $1000 for our first Beta Cohort (due only if invited to register)