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The User Group (TUG) is a community of project, operations, and delivery professionals who use to better manage their time and tasks.
Whether you're having trouble with a particular feature or just need some guidance on how to use the software, there are likely others in the User Group who can help.


" users get so much value from being in community together, swapping notes & learning from each other."

Logan Lyles, Head of Partnerships -


Upcoming TUGs

Q1 2024

1/30/24 - 2024 TUG Programming Updates

2/27/24 - Managing Clients in



Past TUGs

Q1 2023

1/31/23 - The PM Maturity Matrix (Recording Available)

2/28/23 - Q1 Product Roadmap Review (Recording Available)

3/28/23 - AMA with CEO Peter Coppinger (Recording Available)

Q2 2023

4/25/23 - User Onboarding (Recording Available)

5/30/23 - Q2 Product Roadmap Review (Recording Available)

6/27/23 - Q&A & Product Discussion with Jane Aston (Recording Available)

Q3 2023

7/25/23 - Grand Council Takeaways (Recording Available)

8/29/23 - Q3 Product Roadmap Review (Recording Available)

9/26/23 -  New Google Calendar Integration demo with  Sinéad Jones (Recording Available)

Q4 2023

10/31/23 - Using to Document Processes (Recording Available)

11/28/23 - Q4 Product Roadmap Review (Recording Available)

12/19/23 - All About Integrations (Recording Available)

Q1 2024

2/27/24 - Managing Clients in (Recording Available)

3/26/24 - Roundtable Discussion (Recording Coming Soon)

4/30/24 - Milestone Mastery with Melody MacKeand (Register Now)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the TUG events?

We will meet for 45-60 min.

How often do the TUG events happen?

We are looking to meet once a month.

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