The birth of a remote culture brand called CULTURISH

Four years ago I walked away from a boutique marketing agency I co-founded. "9-5" office culture did not agree with me and I felt myself burned out from overwork and overstimulation. Constant synchronous working was very taxing, waking up at 7 am caused this night owl to never get enough rest, and I got more work done when I was at home after hours.

I had reached my limit and realized this was NOT my vision of entrepreneurial freedom.

After a month of rest (read laying on the sofa and playing video games) I collected myself and set out to make an income again. But this time on my terms.

I created a digital agency called Remotish and invested in building a remote, flexible, mostly asynchronous operational structure. I knew that if I needed a more accessible way of working, others may too. This new company became a sanctuary for people just like me.

We found ourselves mastering remote productivity before the forced remoteness of COVID-19. We supported a worker's choice to have cameras off before "zoom fatigue" was coined. And, we built a massive emoji library on slack to allow us to visualize our communications in a way you could never do verbally. Through all this, a culture started to form. Work could be done from anywhere, at any time which delivered a great deal of time freedom to everyone that worked there, including myself.

What I didn't know at the time was the mixture of remote, flexible hours, and asynchronous work delivery created this exponential time freedom for a worker at no added expense to the company. So we began to test the limits of our systems and focused on building a remote culture intentionally.

I published the results of our tests for others to learn from. We won awards for our systems. And maintain business margins superior to most businesses in our class.

So after years of sharing my remote culture journey and consulting with business owners all over the world on developing their own remote cultures, I've decided that I need to offer this service officially.

CULTURISH now gives me the proper container to officially help companies build their very own remote cultures!

 Nicole Pereira
Hey there, I’m Nicole Pereira

Nicole is a Remote Culture Advisor focused on researching remote & autonomous work cultures. She believes remote cultures should not only be available to a privileged few.

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